Verizon Fios

Hi neighbor:

Verizon Fios' main line is only two blocks away. Blocks that show the more interest may get higher priority in the implementation.
After contacting Verizon consistently for the past year, I have now received a message from its engineer, "the right-of-way agents are rushing this block."

Why don't we be proactive in our interest to cooperate? It is important whether you ultimately choose Verizon or Cablevision. Without your cooperation, Verizon cannot install new equipment. Those of us want to use Fios will not be able to get this service.

Can you please help the block complete this short 2-question survey. We would like to show Verizon that we are serious in our commitment to help Brooklyn develop two competitive broadband services. By bringing choice, both Verizon and Cablevision will be motivated to bring higher quality of service to our neighborhood.

Please forward the survey to your tenant. The more of us who write-in, the more powerful we are.

Thank you,

Julie Liu